They trust us


Emmanuel Clérin 
Sports Directorate City of Vanves

In April 2012, two months before the 10th edition of our La Vanvéenne® race, I was informed that the municipal subsidy that covers the complete organisation had just been reduced by 50%.

Two possibilities were open to me as race director: cancel the event or find private funds.


In view of the very short deadline and the stakes involved, I chose to call on the professionalism of Run For You and Jean-Charles PERRIN, whom I had met three years earlier when he came to test himself on our little family race.


Reactive and efficient, the Run For You team mobilized and in barely a month, implemented the solutions to rebalance our budget and save our race.

 Our collaboration has been going on for 7 years, with convincing results: increase in the number of participants x2, creation of a dedicated website, level of runner satisfaction over 90%...


Today Run For You has as its mission the development, communication and promotion of La Vanvéenne.

Claire Boulanger

Responsable Marketing New Balance

Nous travaillons depuis 6 ans avec l’agence RUN FOR YOU dans le cadre de l’Eco-Trail et du Semi-marathon de Boulogne-Billancourt.

L’équipe est jeune et dynamique et ce sont de vrais experts de l’évènementiel sportif particulièrement dans le running et le trail.

Nous avons su développer ensemble une vraie relation de partenariat sur la durée, ce qui nous a permis de faire grandir conjointement la

visibilité de la marque et des évènements.


L’équipe est très réactive et à l’écoute des attentes de la marque partenaire pour nous permettre

de développer des communications innovantes et spécifiques autour de chaque évènement.

Catherine POLETTI
Director of UTMB®

13 years of collaboration!


The relationship with Run For You was born out of a friendship with Jean-Charles Perrin. We met Jean-Charles as a partner in 2005, and in 2006 he ran and finished the UTMB® (still bravo!...) as a partner, before working with us individually from 2007 to animate the UTMB® partner pool. In 2008, with the creation of Run For You, Autour du Mont-Blanc s.a.r.l., organizer of the UTMB®, continued its collaboration with the new company Run For You which, because it shared its values, kept the responsibility of developing and animating the team of UTMB® partners.



The sharing of values is what underpins the collaboration between Run For You and UTMB®. Run For You brings a real expertise in the animation of a partner pool and has the capacity for close and personalized relationships with these partners.



Thanks to Jean-Charles and his team.

Laurence Roux

Communication direction of the Department of Yvelines (78)

The Yvelines Departmental Council has been a partner of the Ecotrail for 2 years. In this context, by working with the RUN FOR YOU agency, we have discovered a young team of professionals, attentive, available and with the power to make proposals.


For our community, an innovative partnership has been set up that goes beyond the simple visibility of our brand "Yvelines". The agency's support during the different phases of the event allowed us to live this collaboration in a serene way.


Their organization is very well structured with quick and relevant responses. An agency also at the service of partners.

Claire Boulanger

Marketing manager of New Balance

We have been working for 6 years with the RUN FOR YOU agency for the Eco-Trail and the Boulogne-Billancourt Half-Marathon.


The team is young and dynamic and they are real experts in sports events, particularly in running and trail running.


We have been able to develop together a real partnership relationship over the long term, which has enabled us to jointly grow the

visibility of the brand and events.


The team is very reactive and attentive to the expectations of the partner brand to enable us to develop innovative and specific communications around each event.